F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What are payday loans?

Also known as payday advance, cash loan, paycheck loan, faxless loans, a payday loan is a short term loan with unsecured nature that is mainly intended to take care of emergency or unexpected expenses until your next payday.

How do payday loans work?

You can apply online or at a payday loan store by filling out simple loan form forms online. Once approved, which is almost assured if you meet certain minimal requirements, you sign an agreement. The loan is due on your next paycheck, but you can extend it, with two weeks increments, but you have to pay at least the late fee each time. The cost of payday loans are high so be sure to discuss this with the lender before agreeing with any loan terms.

I have bad credit. Can I still get a loan?

Yes. This is what pushes most people to these loans. Payday loan lenders normally do not check any credit report or ask for any form of collateral. Good or bad credit scores can apply for a loan.

What about collateral?

As stated above, you do not need any form of "hard" collateral with payday loans. Your job and paycheck credential work as collateral here.

What if I have NSF's, overdrafts, charge-offs or a bankruptcy?

Usually the rules and requirements differ with each and every lender. But since payday loans are typically meant for sub-prime borrowers, you can still find someone to loan you unless your situation is really, really bad.

What are the approval requirements or criteria?

Requirements are that you have regular income with checking or saving account and your age should be 18 years or above. One more thing is very important that you should have valid social security number and currently be employed.

Are there any upfront or form fees?

No. If you ever come in contact with a lender who asks for upfront or form fees for that issue then it may be a scam. You should never pay any upfront fee's when applying for a payday loan online.

What if I do not have a valid checking bank account?

A valid checking bank account is very important to get these loans. But with online mode you can find some lenders who can endorse a loan even if you have a savings account. So, you can go and apply with a savings account and some lenders accept this form of banking.

When do I get the cash?

Once your form gets approved, and you have signed all the essential papers you should be able to get the cash you are approved for in less than 24 hours. If applying online, the loan amount get deposited into your bank account overnight - you can withdraw cash the very next day in most cases.

I do not have a job. Can I still get a payday loan?

An honest answer is NO. But some lenders offer payday loans to the people who have other sources of steady income; you can show the proof of your income to the lender and get your loan approved if you meet the lenders minimum requirements for approval.



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